‘Oscar winner’ and former world champion wins second race in Melbourne title by Alistair MacGregor – TalkSport

Alistai MacGregors win the Melbourne Cup race in the new era of racecars with a victory in the 2017 race.

The win puts him in second position in the championship after winning the inaugural race in January, with a podium finish at Bathurst and the second of his career.

He has finished second at the previous race in Sydney two years ago and he is now the first Australian to win the championship in its modern era.

“I was so proud to win that race,” he said.

Hopefully the race went well for me and I can start getting on with my race.””

I had a lot of problems, I couldn’t get my car in front of the track and that’s something that I need to learn.”

Hopefully the race went well for me and I can start getting on with my race.

“It’s great to be here and I’m looking forward to getting back on track.”

For me, this is an opportunity to really work hard and to try to win races.

“As the team, we want to try and improve the car and hopefully this is the step I take to do that.”

MacGregor, who won the championship last year, was also part of the Melbourne team that won the inaugural event.

“The fans are amazing,” he added.

“The atmosphere at the start of the race was incredible.

They were really supportive and it was a really nice way to start the season.”

MacGenna’s win comes just two weeks after his teammate Adam Curran won the event at the Adelaide Oval.

It is the second time in three years that Curran has been the winner of the series.

In 2016, he won the series with James Courtney.


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