Horizon hospital in India to expand coverage

India’s biggest hospital has launched a virtual reality system for patients to see their relatives for the first time. 

The Horizon Medical Group has started a VR platform for patients in the state of Kerala to experience a virtual family reunion with their family.

The virtual experience will be available for patients who have the Horizon Medical Card, Horizon Health Card or Horizon Health Insurance Card. 

According to Horizon Healthcare, the virtual experience includes the ability to:1.

Look around and see how the family members look;2.

Listen to the family’s conversation;3.

Talk with the family;4.

Share the family with friends;5.

Receive phone calls;6.

Eat food and drink tea and coffee together;7.

Share videos of family events;8.

Meet friends and family members. 

“The goal is to provide a virtual, real-time experience for our patients,” Horizon Health Group CEO and co-founder Ashish Srivastava said in a statement. 

Srivastavava added that the virtual family environment was designed to help patients who want to be in touch with their relatives in a non-digital way. 

He said the technology was being used by patients in India’s capital city, Delhi, and will be rolled out across the country.

“Our mission is to offer a virtual experience for the patients, in an interactive environment, in a virtual way, to the people,” Srivartava said. 

Horizon Medical Group is one of India’s largest healthcare technology companies. 

It operates two hospitals in Kerala: the Horizon Health Care and the Horizon Hospital. 

(Image: Horizon Healthcare)


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