When the sun’s rays hit the surface of Pluto, you’ll find out why it is the biggest planet

New Horizons’ first image of Pluto has revealed a huge crater that appears to be made up of thousands of small craters.

Pluto, one of the most remote and enigmatic objects in the solar system, is known as one of Earth’s closest neighbours, with its surface a mere 100 million kilometres from the Sun.

It was discovered by New Horizons in January 2015 after it flew by Pluto and its sister, Charon, for a period of more than two months.

The image reveals a complex, rocky world that looks like a “mini-Utopia Planitia” – a large, rounded island with a high-contrast blue colour.

Its surface is covered in large, smooth, irregular depressions that could have formed in the planet’s atmosphere.

The researchers behind the discovery of the planet and its mysterious surroundings said it was a significant find.

“The composition of the material is not known, but it is likely that it has a low density and is very solid.

It is probably composed of a combination of elements, and is composed of many layers,” said lead author of the study, David Gilkey, from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland.

“We know that Pluto is an icy planet, and it’s likely that there are some icy objects that are orbiting it, but we don’t know how much they’re contributing to the overall composition of Pluto.”

The researchers said Pluto is likely covered with “tremendous, compact bodies of ice”, making it “perhaps the most well-studied and least understood object in our solar system”.

It’s not clear what kind of bodies the scientists have identified so far, but the scientists said the surface could be made of materials such as ice, water, rocks and sand.

They also said they were “certain that there is substantial subsurface liquid water on Pluto”, possibly containing methane, water and methane-rich gases such as water vapor.

New Horizons, which was launched on November 9, 2015, is now more than 9.5 billion kilometres from Earth.

It’s now a mere 1.5 million kilometres (750,000 miles) from the surface.

The scientists said they expected to be able to confirm the discovery and its possible role in the formation of Pluto’s surface at a later date.


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