How to make a $500,000 investment in the world’s fastest-growing technology company

Australia’s financial sector is already seeing record inflows from private investors, but the country’s booming technology sector is set to outpace the country by as much as $500 million this year.

Read moreA new report from financial technology firm Horizon Line says Australia is the fastest-spreading, fastest-recovering technology sector in the OECD, and it predicts that by 2020, the country will have an investment boom worth $5.5 trillion, more than double the size of the US’s.

In contrast, the US is predicted to have just $3.3 trillion in the sector this year, according to Horizon Line, which says the US has an overall investment boom of $2.5tn.

Horizon Line has forecast the boom in Australia’s tech sector will reach $15 trillion by 2020.

The Horizon Line report also shows the country is poised to become the most attractive place for tech investors.

It says, by 2020 investors will expect Australia to have the best investment climate in the region, with high rates of return and low capital gains taxes.

“We’re seeing the next phase of the tech boom in the US, which is the one that’s going to drive the growth in Australia,” Horizon Line’s chief economist, Matt Ritchie, told the ABC.

“What’s exciting is that this is not just an Australian phenomenon, but it’s happening in a global environment.”‘

We’ve just got to get a grip’Horizon Line predicts that in the next five years, the Australian economy will generate more than $1 trillion of new jobs.

“It’s going be a huge opportunity for Australia,” Mr Ritchie said.

“And we’ve just just got no grip on what we need to do.”

You’ve got to go and do the right things, and I think we’ve got a very good business case for that.

“Horizon line’s report also predicts that as the tech sector grows, so will the share of GDP coming from government revenues, which could help boost Australia’s economic growth.”

The government will be able to put more money in their pocket, and they’ll be able use it for public services,” Mr Molloy said.”[And] it’ll help to offset some of the pressures that Australia’s been experiencing as a large, rapidly growing economy.””

And the government is going to have more money to spend.””

You’re going to see more of a workforce coming into the country.

And the government is going to have more money to spend.”



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