How to grow your family’s wealth

The world’s richest people have been making their mark on our lives for decades, but there’s one area where their wealth is growing faster than ever: their families.

As our wealth has grown, so too have the numbers of people who are living their lives with the expectation of a bigger future.

In recent decades, the number of Australians with assets of more than $1 million has nearly doubled from 8.2 million in 2011 to 17.2 per cent of all Australians.

And there are a number of reasons for that.

First, the global economic crisis has meant the ability to invest and grow in wealth is more common.

Second, with incomes rising, the opportunity for more people to buy a house or a property is greater.

And finally, with so many of our people experiencing life’s challenges, it’s easier to be confident in our abilities to contribute to our families’ well-being.

To find out how your family is doing, our Wealth and Assets calculator allows you to see where they’re putting their money and what their expectations are.

And if you’re not sure how to manage your money, we can help.

Family wealth is a growing part of your life As more Australians have children, the opportunities for greater wealth are being spread more widely.

In a world where people often expect to work for their family, it can be hard to know what to expect when they’re at home.

For some, that’s just the job they love.

For others, it means that the family income is going up faster than their mortgage repayments.

But while the financial challenges of families can seem daunting, they’re also not all that hard to manage.

The key to success is to manage them in a way that helps them grow and make a difference in their lives.

Wealth and assets calculator Wealth and Assets is a financial planning app that allows you, the person you’re living with, to get an idea of how your money is being spent.

It shows you how much you’re saving and how much of your assets are in the bank.

It also shows you what your savings and investments look like in terms of value.

It’s useful for families to have a wealth calculator to get a sense of what their assets are worth.

We also have an asset calculator to help you work out how much each asset is worth.

And we’ve also developed a wealth guide that allows families to look at the value of assets across the board and see what kind of opportunities they may have.

You can find out more about how to make a decision on what to do with your money by visiting the Wealth and Accounts website, the wealth calculator, or the family wealth calculator.

And the wealth guide is available to download on the Wealth app.

The app is available in both English and Chinese.

Key facts about Australia’s wealth and assets: In 2016, the richest 1 per cent earned a combined total of $7.9 trillion ($15.4 trillion in US dollars), according to the World Bank.

That’s a more than 25 per cent increase on the $6.6 trillion earned in 2011.


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