Horizon Academy to open in New Jersey

Horizon Academy will open in Newark on Tuesday. 

It will be the first private school in the US to open. 

The school is set to open on the north shore of the Jersey Shore, just over the Hudson River. 

Horizon Academy is set for a groundbreaking on January 31. 

Its aim is to train aspiring and existing rugby players, but its also aiming to make its graduates more productive, according to the school’s website. 

“I think there’s so much more to do with rugby, and rugby is a sport that can be developed in this way,” said the school principal, Rolf Wohlfahrt.

“The main reason is the ability to get people to stay in the sport. 

We want them to get involved in our programs, which is very important for rugby development.” 

Horizons Academy’s chief executive, David Hargrove, said that the academy will be one of the few to operate in New York state.

“This is a big deal for rugby, in the sense that we’ve had a lot of rugby players leave school and that’s an awful thing, because there are so many opportunities for them to come back,” Hargraves said. 

In recent years, rugby players in New Brunswick have been fighting for their right to stay at school and to join the professional game, which was banned in New Zealand in 2007. 

Hargroves said that Horizon Academy was “a bit like being at the Olympics, where you’re a part of the Olympic movement. 

There’s a lot going on and we’re just here to provide rugby and other sports with a platform to grow”. 

Horowitz Academy is located at 20 North Ave, Newark, New Jersey 07103. 

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