Why is Isabelle New Horizons’ Horizon treadmill still available?

A few weeks ago, Isabelle’s Horizon treadmill was being offered for sale by its original manufacturer.

After being on sale for two years, the company announced on Tuesday that it was ending the relationship with its original company.

Isabelle says it is now working with the original manufacturer and will continue to offer Horizon treadmill on its website.

Isabela New Horizons also said that the company will continue its operations with Horizon treadmill and will update its website with any further announcements regarding its future activities. 

A lot of people were asking about the new Horizon treadmill.

Isabelas website now offers more information about the treadmill, including its features and the fact that it can be charged from anywhere. 

Isabela New Horizon has always been one of the top brands in the fitness industry and it was the original brand that started Horizon treadmill, the first treadmill designed specifically for the outdoor sports market.

The brand’s products have been used by Olympic athletes, elite sportsmen and women, as well as the likes of US President Donald Trump.


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