What is new horizon?

New horizons is an app which brings back a few familiar features to the platform.

The first is a simple new interface.

The app uses the new iOS 9.3 interface, which has the same visual look as the one in the previous versions of the platform, but with more features.

For instance, the navigation bar is now shown as a circular bar instead of the previous flat, square bar, and the app can now scroll vertically instead of horizontally.

The new UI also has a new navigation menu, which offers quick navigation to different areas of the app.

The main screen is also now much cleaner.

This is done by switching to a new icon design for the home screen, which is more like the iOS 11 design, but it has the icons and other navigation buttons still intact.

The menu also has the option to show a menu for individual apps, as well as for all apps on the system.

Other new features include a new “Horizon Transport” option which lets you send photos and videos to the Horizon app.

Horizon has been the most popular Horizon app for the past few years.

The service offers the ability to send photos, videos, and other content to Horizon’s servers and then upload them to your social networks or to a mobile device.

Users can choose to upload photos and video files to the server directly, or upload them through Horizon’s cloud storage service.

The service can be found in the Horizon App Store and the Horizon Cloud app, as the Horizon website has the original version.

The Horizon app is available for Android and iOS.


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