The art world and ‘horizons’

A group of artists and scholars is challenging the boundaries of “horizons” and making an art of it.

Art is not about the present, says Michaela Pérez, whose latest project is a gallery called Horizon that showcases “horizon” paintings from across the globe.

“Art is about the future.

Horizon is about art that can be used to inspire, educate and change people’s perception of the world.”

Pérez is the author of a book about the art world called Horizon: Art, Politics, and Social Change, and she has been working with the Art Institute of Chicago (AIC) since 2015.

“Horizon is an important art project that is about painting, the history of art, and its relation to our social, political, and economic realities,” she told Al Jazeera.

“There are a lot of different ways to paint an object, but Horizon has a unique approach that uses all of these mediums.”‘

Horizon’ paintings highlight issues of inequality and inequality of powerArtworks by Michaela Perez and others have been installed in a Chicago gallery called “Horizon”, where they will be displayed for the first time.

Artworks were commissioned by Pézrez, an artist and educator who lives in Los Angeles, and are part of a project that seeks to show that art is not just about the past, but about the possible future.

“We are not painting the past anymore, we are painting the future,” she said.

“It’s really important to know what our world will look like, and the challenges of our future.

This project is part of that.

Horizon art is about how we can imagine a future where our work is not limited by time or place, but is able to inspire and change.”

Perez and her team are not the only ones who are exploring the possibilities of the future of art.

An artist who calls himself “The Human Artist” is also working on a similar project, with artworks and installations being created by other artists.

“In a way, Horizon is part art installation and part collective art,” the Human Artist said.

“We have a shared vision of the end of the human condition, and what the future holds for us.”

Peszrez and her colleagues hope that Horizon will serve as a vehicle for other artists to speak out on social, economic and environmental issues.

“One of the most powerful things Horizon can do is to inspire people to take part in the collective work that is happening right now in the public sphere,” she added.

“Horizons is an act of political resistance, but also an act that is an expression of individual freedom.”


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