How to stay sane on a bright horizon

What to do when you’re surrounded by the world’s most gorgeous sights but still want to keep a cool head?

The Globe and Mail’s Bright Horizons Daycare provides a solution.

Bright Horizons Day Care is an indoor and outdoor daycare for kids aged five to eight.

They offer play and learning activities, as well as the opportunity to work on their reading and math skills.

The staff includes a teacher, a preschool teacher, and a caretaker.

For those who can’t get a babysitter or are looking for a place to be together, Bright Horizons offers an outdoor play area and an outdoor classroom where parents can take their children for a walk.

Children can choose to stay in their home for up to six months.

You can book a space online, or by calling the daycare.

There are no childcare charges for this program.

Bright Horizons also offers the possibility to take children to nearby parks and other activities.

Kids will be allowed to pick up their own food at Bright Horizons.

The program is part of a pilot program that Bright Horizons has been offering for the past three years.

Bright Horizon, which is located in the Halifax area, is run by The Nova Scotia Centre for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, a non-profit organization that works to promote mental health awareness and support.


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