How to ride in a new family car: The 10 best new models

The first-generation Ford Focus RS has long been a popular choice for families looking to upgrade from an older car.

But the latest model has a lot more in common with older cars than previous models.

The Focus RS will be offered in three colors and three trim levels starting at $29,300, but its exterior styling and cabin will vary depending on the trim level.

We tested the 2017 Focus RS at both the lower and upper trim levels.

Ford says it’s available in “family” and “extended” trim levels with the latter starting at more than $36,000.

The most affordable option is the “extra” model, which starts at $38,000 with an optional $2,000 destination charge.

But Ford also offers the Focus RS in a few more options.

For $2.4 million, you can get a new Focus RS with six-cylinder engine, an 8.5-inch touchscreen touchscreen and a 16-inch infotainment screen.

A more expensive version, the $2 million “family model,” includes a 6.2-liter V6 engine, a six-speed automatic transmission, and a 17-inch display.

Ford also says the Focus will have a standard six-wheel drive system.

The automaker also says it’ll offer a $1,000 discount for buyers of the new Focus with an all-wheel-drive system.

Ford has also added a Bluetooth infotech system, and it’s expected to add an adaptive cruise control in the future.

You can find more details on the new model in our full review of the Focus.

The 2017 Ford Focus S will cost you a little more, but it comes with an 8-inch, touchscreen touchscreen infotect system and a 14-inch touch-screen infotact screen.

The new Focus S starts at about $32,000 for the base model and more than twice as much as the previous model.

If you can afford the new version, it’ll come with an additional $1-million destination charge, a new “extra-large” engine, and six-speeds for the six- and six.

For more, read our full Ford Focus review.

If there’s one thing we learned from our test drive of the Ford Focus, it’s that the new car will probably be a bit harder to drive than its predecessors.

We also noticed that Ford doesn’t have the same steering response as its previous models, so it could be harder to keep the car in gear in traffic.

And the Focus S’ brakes and suspension have been significantly upgraded.

We’re expecting the 2017 Ford Fiesta ST to be even better than the Focus, and if it can live up to its predecessor’s performance and reliability, then it’ll be worth the price.

We expect the Focus to come with a more powerful, more efficient 6.3-liter engine and an 8,500-pound payload.

We didn’t test the Fiesta ST, but if you can pick up a Focus S, you’ll likely be able to.


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