How to make your own Horizon Organic Milk

Horizon Organic milk is an organic milk produced by the nonprofit Horizon.

It is available in three different flavors.

The milk is sold in grocery stores, grocery stores with organic milk and farmers markets.

Horizon Organic has about 2,300 employees in Washington state and has been producing the milk since 2007.

The company says it’s not an organic producer because its production process has a number of non-organic ingredients.

The most common non-O.P.A. ingredients are palm oil and wheat germ.

It also uses synthetic and natural flavors.

It’s a dairy-based product, but it’s dairy-free.

The company says Horizon milk has been tested at the Food and Drug Administration for health and safety, but hasn’t been tested for animal welfare.

Its website says Horizon products are “sourced directly from local, organic farmers and organic producers who have been proven to deliver quality milk to our customers.”

It’s unclear how long Horizon Organic dairy has been growing its organic milk in Washington.

The Organic Consumers Association says Horizon Organic hasn’t yet submitted a formal application to the USDA.

Horizon is a registered trademark of Horizon Organic Farms, LLC.


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