How to get lost in the Horizon email newsletter

How to find lost emails?

This one is simple.

Simply click on the email icon in the top right corner of your browser and select Lost Horizon as your email destination.

What to do if you’re not a Horizon subscriber If you’ve already subscribed to Horizon, this will prompt you to enter your Horizon email address.

If you’re still not a subscriber, then your email will not appear in the newsletter, so don’t worry.

However, if you haven’t been a subscriber in the last two months, then Horizon’s email address will appear in your inbox as a regular email address in your Horizon account.

You can unsubscribe from Horizon if you want to.

If Horizon email has not been sent to your email address yet, then click on your email icon and select Mail Me from the dropdown menu.

You will then see an email from Horizon sent to that address.

You should then confirm the email address you have entered.

Should you be having trouble sending email?

If you haven, then you may need to add an account to Horizon to see if your email is being sent to the right address.

If you have not added an account yet, and Horizon hasn’t sent your email to the email account you are using to sign up, then the email is likely sent to an address that doesn’t belong to Horizon.

If that’s the case, then follow these steps to add Horizon to your account and try again.

Click on the green unsubscribe button to remove your Horizon subscription from Horizon.

The following options are available to you.

Sign in to your Horizon website and select Account Settings.

In the Account Settings menu, click on Add Account.

In this window, select your email account.

In addition to your original email address, enter a valid email address for your account.

For example, if your account is, enter [email protected] and press Add Account to begin the process.

Close the Account Options window.

Go back to Horizon and click on My Horizon to check your email.

Your email address should now be in the list of your email addresses.

If not, try clicking on it again and adding your email again.

If the email you are getting is from Horizon, then it will be sent to [email protected]

If Horizon email is from an email address that is not, then [email protected] is the email that is sent to you in your email inbox.

You may need a browser extension to see the email in your account address.

To unsubscribe to Horizon:  Go to the Home screen, then select My Horizon.

In My Horizon, click the blue checkbox next to Your Email.

Then click on Cancel and OK.


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