How to build a $1bn theatre in your backyard

The first thing you’ll notice when you enter the lobby of Horizon Medical Center in the southern suburbs of Melbourne is that it is a theatre.

The theatre is the home of the Horizon Foundation, the philanthropic group that built Horizon Medical.

The first building of its kind in Australia was the Victorian-era theatre at the corner of Eastbourne Street and Swanston Street, which was converted into the Horizon Medical School.

Horizon Medical has a number of offices, but the school is its main campus.

Its main campus is a sprawling building with a total of 18,000 square metres, with a gym, classrooms and a cinema.

The building is a symbol of Horizon’s mission to create a world-class, multidisciplinary teaching hospital, which is also the headquarters of Horizon and its global education programme.

Horizon is one of the world’s biggest philanthropists, with $9.8 billion in assets, making it the ninth-largest private charity in the world.

Horizon’s core focus is education.

The foundation has spent more than $20 billion since it was founded in 2012 on research and development projects.

Horizon has created a range of education programmes that help students achieve the highest level of academic achievement in the country, including one called “Towards Learning”, which aims to improve reading, mathematics and science.

Horizon runs a number different programmes, but Horizon Medical’s biggest priority is education, and Horizon’s primary focus is on children and young people.

Horizon also invests in other charitable groups and organisations, like the Australian Wildlife Foundation.

Horizon medical is a private university, and it has no formal relationship with the state government.

But in 2014, the foundation donated $2.5 million to help the university get the necessary approvals to build the new building.

The project was announced by then Education Minister Christopher Pyne, who said the money would be used to pay for the renovations and to build new teaching facilities.

In the end, Horizon Medical donated $7.5 billion to build what is now the new school.

It is the largest donation to an Australian university building, according to the University of New South Wales.

Horizon and Horizon Medical are very different entities.

Horizon operates under the auspices of the Australian Council of Medical Research, a non-profit organisation that helps develop research and develops public health and social policies and programmes.

The Australian Council is funded by the Commonwealth.

The council does not have any direct relationship with Horizon Medical, and neither do Horizon’s chief executives.

The funding agreement between Horizon and the Australian council does make it clear that Horizon is not in direct competition with Horizon.

But Horizon has invested in Horizon’s work, and has established itself as one of Australia’s leading education and research organisations.

Horizon Health is a publicly-owned company, and its mission is to provide health services to those most in need.

Horizon focuses on education Horizon Medical is the foundation of the university, which also has a large number of community organisations that it helps to support.

Horizon does not directly provide any medical services to its patients, but it does have some direct relationships with the local community and the broader community, like Horizon’s hospital, Horizon Elementary School, Horizon Health Centre, Horizon Learning Centre, the Horizon College of Education, Horizon School of Medicine, Horizon Community and Horizon University.

Horizon hospitals have been operating in Melbourne for more than 40 years, but they are not the only Horizon hospitals in Melbourne.

Horizon Primary School is the oldest Horizon school, which opened in 1961 and is still in operation today.

Horizon Secondary School opened in 1966, and is the only public school in the Melbourne region.

Horizon Middle School opened its doors in 1979, and in 2008 it became the first Horizon primary school in Australia to be opened in a public school.

Horizon Junior High School opened the doors of its new facility in 2011, and the school currently has a total enrolment of more than 30,000.

The school also runs Horizon High School of Excellence, which has an enrolment range of more to 100,000 students.

Horizon High is an elite boarding school in Melbourne, and there are a number other schools in the city.

The School of Business is one that is run by Horizon High students, and operates a number private businesses, including a cafe.

Horizon School Health is the primary healthcare school, and includes Horizon School for Excellence, Horizon Medicine, and Health and Fitness.

Horizon Business School is a business school, but also runs other business schools in Melbourne and Melbourne City.

Horizon University is a university-based research institute, and also runs a small number of business schools, including Horizon Business College, Horizon Business Institute and Horizon Business University.

There are also a number Horizon businesses.

Horizon Children’s Hospital is a primary care hospital, and houses Horizon Childrens Hospital.

Horizon Education has a range or centres that cater for children from all ages.

Horizon Hospitals, the hospital where Horizon Medical runs its primary care services, is a separate institution, and does not receive funding from Horizon.

Horizon Hospital’s primary care


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