How the world’s cinema has changed

New Scientist: The first film about the history of cinema, Horizon, was released on Wednesday, and there’s plenty more to come.

Here are some of the highlights from this first instalment in the long-running series.

The first ever film about cinema The film tells the story of how cinemas were built in the 18th century, the year in which the first cinemas opened in Paris and other cities.

The story follows the rise of the first cinema in Paris, the Grand Cinema, and its impact on the wider world.

It also looks at the rise and fall of the cinema industry, its impact in the 20th century and beyond, and the impact of its cultural legacy.

The Grand Cinema opened in 1885 and became the first large-format cinema in the world.

“When I watched it I thought, ‘Wow, this is pretty amazing’,” says filmmaker Michael Stapleton, who directed the film at the Grand and Grand Victoria cinemas in Edinburgh.

“I think that was a really big moment for cinema.”

How cinema changed in the decades to come How did the first film ever tell the story about cinema and how it changed in terms of technology, style, and audience behaviour?

“It was really exciting because it was the first time I was watching it on my own,” says film historian, writer, cinematographer, and documentary filmmaker Daniel Burt.

“It’s a film about how people were using cinema and the effect it had on society.”

It was a big moment in film history for people like Daniel Burdett, whose documentary film The Grand premiered at the London Film Festival in May.

“This was one of the greatest milestones in cinema history, and it was about how the industry developed in its very early days,” he says.

“If you’re going to be the first to tell the history, it’s important that you know what it was like.”

Daniel Burch (right) with his grandfather James Burch and his father, a former editor of the Edinburgh Evening News, who helped to build the Grand in 1884.

“The Grand Cinema is the first major film about modern cinema to be made in Scotland, and this is the culmination of what’s happened to cinema in that country,” he adds.

In 1885, the Edinburgh Film Society commissioned a documentary about the Grand, and Stapton, Stine, and others, including James Burt, met and filmed the Grand.

“In the course of the film, we hear stories about people, like the Scottish-born and French-born, the first black actors to play in a film, and then we see the first theatrical films,” Staplet says.

The film is “truly a documentary, because it’s a portrait of the history and the people of the time, and that’s what we were looking for,” he continues.

“We had the Grand going in our back pockets, but there was no way we could pay for it.

There were huge changes in terms for the way film was made, but the film also had to do with the way people lived their lives. “

You can’t do a film like this without talking about the film industry in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

There were huge changes in terms for the way film was made, but the film also had to do with the way people lived their lives.

It’s really interesting because it really opened the door to new ways of viewing cinema.”

It’s also about the role of women and women’s participation in film’s development, Stapelton says.

But, unlike his film, which focuses on the Grand Cinemas role in the evolution of cinema in Europe, the film does not feature any of the directors or actors who made the Grands films.

The other major director and star of the Grand is Georges Méliès.

“He’s such a remarkable man, but he’s not in it to be an icon,” Stine says.

He also emphasises that the film is not an attack on the film festival system.

“For me, the point is, it doesn’t say, ‘Oh, you’re a bad filmmaker’,” he says, “but it does show the influence that films have had.”

The film’s cast includes a group of people from the Scottish film industry who were involved in the production of the films that were eventually made, including cinematographers, sound engineers, cinematography students, and some film directors themselves.

“They were the backbone of the industry, and they were all doing something different,” Stange says.

Georges Stine (left) and James Burdet (right).

James Bursons (left and right) and Georges.

“And then they all disappeared, so they were just forgotten, like a great memory, and no one knows them.”

A story told through film director’s eyes


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