Why we’re obsessed with the next big blockbuster from Ridley Scott

The next great blockbuster will almost certainly be a film with an R rating, the Hollywood Reporter has learned.

The article, which was first reported by Deadline Hollywood, cites sources familiar with the topic as saying that the studio is planning to announce a new blockbuster in the next three months.

The article is in reference to an upcoming sci-fi film from Ridley, the director of Alien, Prometheus and Sicario, and that is rumored to have an R-rating.

It’s not clear what new release is in the works, or what that new film will look like.

But it does mean that the next James Cameron film could be a blockbuster.

And it could be, if it can be given an R. It would mark the third time in the last four years that a movie with an “R” has come out in the wake of a major release with a PG-13 rating.

In 2016, Cameron’s Avatar earned a PG for its depiction of a society in which humans are treated like animals, with nudity, sex and violence.

In 2017, James Cameron’s Prometheus earned a R rating for its violent, adult scenes.

And in 2018, James Cagney’s Sicario earned an R for its “sexual content.”

But in the past, major studios have tended to release more PG-rated movies in the midst of major box office grosses, because they’re often sequels to older films.

It helps that a big budget film with a high R rating can earn the rights to other big movies, too, and because R-rated films are often easier to get into theaters, that means audiences are more likely to see them.

As for what the next blockbuster might look like, sources say that the most likely candidate is a movie set in the near future.

That’s when the world’s population is growing rapidly and scientists have discovered life on Mars.

This is the world where Scott’s next blockbuster will be set.

It is also a world where audiences may be more receptive to R- rated movies, which make the story more engaging and the plot more gripping.

But the new R rating could be temporary.

There could be other studios in the pipeline that want to get in on the action, and the studio may just decide to drop the R rating entirely.

That’s the plan, sources said.

The next big movie could be released in 2019.

That would make the next movie, which will likely be an R, the second James Cameron project.

And the third James Cameron movie, Prometheus, which could become a trilogy with Prometheus 2 and 3, could also be R-Rated.

But that would still be two films in one year, and it’s a long way from a blockbuster blockbuster.


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