Who’s going to win the Horizon League?

By Joe BlevinsThe Horizon League is a two-week series where teams from across the country compete for the Horizon Championship title.

It was created to promote the sport of basketball and is the longest running professional league in the world.

Horizon League commissioner Mark Gottlieb says the league’s success is due to its high-quality teams, high-profile players and a high level of competition.

The league is also well-respected by the fans.

“It’s been a tremendous success, and the Horizon is the place to be,” Gottliebr said.

“It’s a place that attracts top athletes.

You can’t get much more prestigious than that.”

He said the league has seen significant growth in recent years.

In 2016, the league finished with a record 3,569 players.

Last year, it had more than 6,000.

“This league has grown so much in the last 10 years,” Gottliyb said.

“The Horizon is a place to compete, to play, to enjoy a great time with your family, friends and your teammates.

It’s a great opportunity to get out there and play.”

The league’s commissioner said the average attendance for the 2016-17 Horizon League season was 3,726, up from 2,914 in 2015-16.

“We’ve had more teams in this league than we ever have before,” Gottlieb said, noting that the league will continue to add to its roster and increase the number of players.

“When we add a new player, we don’t know how many we’re going to add next year,” Gottleb said of the league.

“The more teams that we add, the better our league will do.

We’re going out and competing and making the best of it.”

To find out more about the Horizon, visit HorizonLeague.com.


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