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Posted January 06, 2019 13:04:23The news has been good, but not as good as it should have been.

The last couple of months have been full of good news for the Australian economy and jobs, but it seems to have all gone out the window with the election of Donald Trump and Brexit.

It’s been tough, and there’s still some bad news to come, but we have a chance to get back to a healthy balance of good and bad news in the coming weeks and months.

As we prepare to celebrate the New Year, here are some of the more positive stories of the last six months.

It has been an election year for Australia.

With the election in the books, a lot of people are looking ahead to the next federal election.

While the Government has been slow to respond, the Australian Federal Police have been on high alert, warning people of an impending terrorist attack.

The Federal Government is also preparing to introduce a series of new measures to fight cybercrime and to protect the country from the spread of diseases.

The economy is recovering.

The national unemployment rate is hovering around 7 per cent and is now at its lowest level since the global financial crisis in 2009.

The Reserve Bank has also lifted interest rates to their highest level since June 2016, and is expected to announce further policy changes next week.

There’s a lot to celebrate in the next few months, but there are a few stories we want to focus on.

Firstly, there’s the Federal Government’s response to the terrorist attack in Manchester, where an ISIS member killed dozens and injured many more.

In response, the Government announced that it would provide $1 billion to the local NHS to fund a series, temporary care facilities, in Manchester.

The Prime Minister has also announced a range of measures to protect our country from terrorism and threats, including a review of the Counter-Terrorism Legislation (CTL) Act, a package of measures for mental health services, and the establishment of a National Cybercrime Unit.

In the United States, the Trump Administration has also issued a range for counter-terrorism measures, including the creation of a taskforce to tackle online terrorist activity.

Australia has also taken steps to increase its cybersecurity and anti-terrorism capabilities.

The Australian Federal Government has also introduced a range and a range to support the development of new technologies.

It would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the significant contribution that the internet has made to our economy and society, particularly in the areas of education, the arts and culture, and innovation.

We’re proud to have the world’s second largest online audience, behind only the United Kingdom.

We’ve got the most advanced internet infrastructure in the world.

We have the largest library in the OECD.

We’re one of the world leaders in digital education.

And while we’re a relatively new country, we’re still a country that’s going to be very much involved in international events for the foreseeable future.

Australia is also home to one of Europe’s most sophisticated and productive economies.

It accounts for around half of the European Union’s GDP and over a third of its exports.

Australia’s economic output grew by nearly 1 per cent last year, the fastest rate in the European region.

Our gross domestic product grew by 2.2 per cent, the strongest growth rate in more than 10 years.

The world is on the move.

It seems like we’re finally on track to meet the goals we set for ourselves in our 2020 national agenda.

There are lots of good things to celebrate, but the biggest one is the strong economic recovery, which has lifted Australians out of recession and out of their slow and painful recovery from the global economic crisis.

The recovery is building up.

Australia and the world are finally on the right track, and I hope we will continue to see it as the next milestone in the global recovery.


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