How to Play Forza Horizon 4 on PS4

The first thing you’ll notice about Horizon 4 is the sheer scale of the game.

You’re flying a jetpack through the sky, flying through the clouds, blasting through the ground, and exploring all of the places that you’re supposed to be.

This is in part because you’re in the game for the first time, which means that you’ll spend a lot of time on the ground and exploring the environments.

The game’s real focus, though, is in the way you get your car in the first place.

The main mode of play involves flying through a number of different environments, each with their own story, characters, and objectives.

These levels take a long time to complete, but there’s a lot that can be accomplished in the time that it takes to fly around.

For example, you can choose to fly a jet pack at high speeds, or you can let it go to slow down and go straight for the top of a building.

There are some challenging levels too, which require you to fly through a certain number of areas at a time.

The final stage of the campaign is actually a sort of pre-campaign level, where you can get your first taste of Horizon 4’s combat system.

You’ll start with a small selection of vehicles and you’ll have to battle a few enemies, which will help you progress through the game’s story.

There’s a few different modes to choose from, but the most fun of them is “Fully Autonomous” mode, which allows you to take on a larger number of enemies with different abilities and weapons, all at once.

While you can fly through most of the world, the game doesn’t give you any kind of way to customize your character.

This gives you more control over the gameplay than you’d get from other third-person shooters, like Forza Motorsport 6, and lets you set your own stats.

For the most part, the modes in Horizon 4 are very linear, which is a good thing.

But once you unlock the next mode, “Fusion,” you’ll be able to change the gameplay style of the entire game.

In Fusion mode, you control a jet, which you can switch between with a few simple controls.

While the jetpack can be controlled with a controller, you also have a radar that lets you see where enemies are and what they’re doing, which gives you an indication of where to attack.

You can also control a character with the touch screen, which lets you move around and interact with them in different ways.

You get to choose which weapons you can bring to bear on your enemies, and you can also customize your jet.

For instance, you might choose a gun that deals damage to enemies with the jet, or a weapon that makes enemies vulnerable to bullets.

The only real drawback to fusion is that it requires that you have at least a few thousand points of credits, which can be a lot to spend.

That said, the best thing about Horizon 3 was the amount of customization you had.

Horizon 4 doesn’t do this at all.

There is one single thing you can do, though.

You have the ability to make your car into a vehicle, which requires you to unlock new vehicles in the main game, and a new mode called “Fuse.”

Fusion allows you the freedom to change your jetpack’s stats.

It also lets you build a car, which takes you to different locations in the world.

It’s very similar to what you’d see in Forza 7, where the main mode was “Driving.”

Horizon 4 has a lot more to offer in terms of story, and the addition of new cars, and even a few new multiplayer modes, makes it a much better experience than the previous Horizon titles.

In general, Horizon 4 does a good job of making a good case for the PlayStation 4 Pro, with its 4K resolution, its impressive visual performance, and its incredible amount of content.

However, if you’re looking for a solid, playable Horizon title that also offers the added benefit of the PlayStation VR, you should look elsewhere.


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