How to milk the horizon milk

The milk for your horizon milk is in your fridge or freezer.

This milk will keep for a month or so, then you can eat it or mix it with a little butter and milk.

Butter and milk will help keep the milk fresh.

For best results, add one tablespoon of butter to each cup of milk.

You can also mix 1 cup of cream cheese and 1 cup milk together to make one cream cheese ice cream.

Here are some tips to get the milk to your horizon.


Add milk when ready to serve.

The milk will stay in the fridge for a couple of days.

Then it will keep in the freezer.


Add cream cheese to milk when ice cream is ready.

Milk will stay frozen for about three months.


Mix milk with butter and cream cheese.

Add some of the milk with the cream cheese mixture to ice cream to help thicken it. 4.

Add butter to milk to thicken.

Use a spoon to spread butter into the milk.

It will add texture and flavor to the milk, too.


Blend milk and cream together to create an ice cream base.

Mix in a tablespoon of melted butter to make a whipped cream.


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