How to buy a telescope from a local astronomy store

If you’ve been searching for the perfect telescope for your backyard, this article may have just the answer.

Horizons and other telescopes from local astronomy stores are now available online for a fraction of the price of their big-name counterparts, as a new category of online telescopes is being introduced by hobbyists looking to build their own.

There are currently four categories of telescope accessories available online:The first is the Orion Eclipse telescope.

It comes with an array of components, and can be used with Orion’s popular 2.25-inch (51mm) mirror for a price of $1,495.

It has a focal length of about 2.5 inches (61mm), a focal ratio of 1:8.5, a focus ring that’s a fraction smaller than the 1.75-inch or 2.75 inches (78mm) ring found on the Orion Orion XT3 and Orion XT4, and a built-in telescope head.

There are also some extra accessories, including a lens hood for use with a standard refractor, and an optional scope mount for use on a wide-angle telescope.

The telescope is also available in a cheaper “standard” price, but that price includes a 30-day warranty and a $100 US tax credit for the purchase of the telescope, according to the Orion Web site.

In terms of components and features, there’s no comparison to the competition.

The Orion Eclipse has a whopping 9″ (230mm) focal length (compared to the 1″ (30mm) of the Eclipse), which is about the same as the 8″ (200mm) lens diameter found on some more expensive models.

The Eclipse has an 8.25″ (210mm) telescope eyepiece, which is also very comparable to the 8.5″ (206mm) eyepieces found on other big-ticket models.

The Orion Eclipse comes with two 1″ eyepies, which are very similar to the two found on a telescope with a 10″ (250mm) or 12″ (315mm) f/5.6 aperture.

In addition to having the same focal ratio and focal length, the Eclipse also has a different color scheme.

You can buy either a black or a light-gray version of the eyepy.

The eclipse comes with a 100-foot (30 meter) (400mm) mount.

The black version is slightly larger than the other versions, and is about twice as tall, so it’s ideal for longer telescopes.

You’ll also want to pick up the Orion’s standard eyepike for about $75.

The Eclipse also comes with both an 8″ and 10″ eyefields.

Both have a similar focal ratio, focal ratio range, and optical design, which makes them comparable in terms of value.

However, you’ll want to get a telescope that has an f/6 or f/11 aperture if you’re building an extended telescope.

In that case, the smaller, 8″ eyeglass will probably be your best bet.

Another big difference between the Eclipse and the other models in the Eclipse line is that the Eclipse has the same telescope optics as the larger Orion XT2 or XT3 models, which gives you an advantage in comparison to those pricier models.

That said, you won’t have the same optical quality as a full-frame telescope with the XT2, XT3, or XT4.

The other big difference is the size of the optics used.

The 8″ model has a much larger field of view than the smaller models, and that makes it difficult to focus on objects at an oblique angle.

If you need a big field of vision, you may want to go with the Orion XT1.

The 10″ model, which has a longer focal length than the Eclipse, has a wider field of sight than the XT1 and XT2 models, making it a better choice for a wide angle view.

You also won’t need a long focuser, so the XT3 is probably the better choice if you want a smaller field of scope.

The big thing that comes with the Eclipse is its affordability, with the price dropping to just $1.95 (USD) on Amazon, and dropping to $1 per telescope piece on eBay.

The price drops to $995 on Amazon and $1 each on eBay, though you’ll need to buy the entire kit.

That’s right, you’re getting an Eclipse for the price you’d pay for a Celestron mount.

You could spend that money on a full mount, but the Eclipse comes pre-assembled with the Celestron-branded mount, so you’ll be able to use that mount as a stand-alone, or for your own use as a tripod mount.

There’s also an Eclipse-compatible tripod accessory, which lets you attach a small tripod to a large telescope and use the included accessories like the eyeface


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