First Horizon equipment provider to offer online support for Horizon employees

First Horizon Equipment Group announced Thursday it will offer online tools to help employees connect with Horizon employees, including live chat and email support, in an effort to address a growing problem for employees in the healthcare industry.

The Horizon platform, which was acquired by First Horizon in 2015, has been the focus of scrutiny in recent months as the healthcare sector grapples with growing numbers of Horizon employees in remote locations and limited internet access.

The platform’s growth has been a cause of concern for some employees, who say Horizon staff are not receiving support from their supervisors and that they are not being supported during training and certification.

Last year, First Horizon announced a new training and certifications program for Horizon staff, but some employees were unhappy about the lack of access.

Last year, Horizon also launched a new online support platform, Horizon Employee Support, which it said would offer online help for Horizon’s Horizon employees.

It’s not clear how many employees will be able to use the new tool.

Horizon has had a history of problems for its employees, with more than 70 percent of its employees in 2016 leaving within a year, according to the company.

The company also recently announced it will discontinue its Horizon Care and Support Program, which provided employees with healthcare insurance coverage for medical expenses for their families.

In a statement to The Hill, First Horizons said it is “committed to providing our Horizon employees with a platform that is as easy as possible to reach and connect with our Horizon colleagues.

We believe that the best way to provide a great service to our Horizon customers is through online tools.”

First Horizon said Horizon employees will also have access to its Horizon Connect portal and Horizon Connect Chat platform.

First Horizon also said it will create a new Horizon customer support team that will “help our Horizon staff connect with their Horizon colleagues and answer questions.”

The company said Horizon staff will have access only to Horizon support tools and Horizon Employee Care tools.


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