‘A Great Big World’: A deep-space exploration film from NASA, Star Wars, and Star Trek director Michael Crichton

Deep-space science fiction has never been quite so epic as in this new film from director Michael Franti.

The film is called “A Great Blue Hole,” and it’s set in a far-future Earth populated by humans who live in a “great blue hole” that’s surrounded by an atmosphere that’s almost totally carbon neutral.

The story takes place in a galaxy far, far away, but the filmmakers have used an existing premise to set up the film’s most famous characters.

A young boy named Ethan (Chris Pratt) is on a spaceship orbiting a distant planet, where his spaceship, the Wasp, crashes and burns.

He’s taken in by a female engineer named Alice (Ellen Page), who helps him to find his way out.

Ethan, who’s not entirely sure where he’s headed, ends up on the planet of Oum, where he finds a small colony of human refugees.

While there, Ethan meets a man named John (Mark Ruffalo), who shares the same name as his ship’s pilot, and together they’re joined by an alien named Dax (Zachary Levi).

Together they explore the planet’s surface, eventually discovering a planet that looks a lot like Earth, and eventually discovering something else.

There’s also an alien race known as the Kree, who have been around for some time and have been the subject of numerous sci-fi novels and movies.

But the real story of the film is about an alien that is a hybrid between human and alien, who has been a constant presence in human culture for a very long time.

And while this alien, known as “The Wasp,” is not the most prominent part of the story, it does have an important role in the whole thing.

The Wasp was an early inspiration for the character of Ethan, and this is why Ethan is so familiar with it.

The filmmakers are using it as a metaphor for humanity in general, and it shows in the movie.

The movie is set in an interstellar space station, which is a massive, high-speed spaceship.

The station is filled with the technology of the human race, but there are also the remnants of the original human race that have been abandoned by the rest of humanity.

And so the Wisp, as the name suggests, is the Warg, a hybrid of human and Wasp that has been left behind by humanity.

“The most important thing about the Wompas is that they’re a very, very, weird-looking thing,” Franti told io9.

“They’re an ugly, weird thing, with a very strange set of features that have to do with space travel and the idea of a wormhole and a worm-like structure and a little bit of a wobbly thing, but at the same time, there’s a lot of stuff that just feels like a spaceship and it kind of looks like a ship.

And I think that was the most important piece for me.”

The Wompa’s design was inspired by the designs of a group of extraterrestrial life forms that have landed on Earth before, including the Kranos and the Kronos.

It was also inspired by aliens that have survived the destruction of their planet, and that were not only incredibly clever, but also incredibly advanced.

Franti said that he wanted to create an alien species that was so alien that it could look at humanity with the same curiosity that humans do, which he called the “human fascination with aliens.”

“So the Womper, the Krono, and the Krenos are really, really cool,” he said.

“I mean, it’s not just this thing of a human-like alien, but a wormlike alien.

So, it doesn’t just look like a human, it looks like this thing that’s a worm, and then it kind [of] has this other part that’s kind of a shell and it has wings.”

The filmmakers decided to create a Wompo-like creature, but Franti also wanted to make a “human-like” alien.

“So in that sense, I think what we’re doing is we’re taking what we saw with the Kronovs and Krenots, which are the Kronoids and the Wominas, and we’re creating a worm that’s really alien in terms of its body, but it’s also human-ish in terms.

It has a human touch.”

The film, which will be released on May 25, is set for a theatrical release.

“A great blue hole,” as it’s referred to in the film, is one of the more famous sci-fiction tropes, but not every sci-fantasy film takes the concept of an alien-like world as seriously as this one does.

Some films are more concerned with exploring the unknown, while others, like the original Star Wars trilogy, focus on a planet-sized, planet-living


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