Why the Trump-Pence Administration is trying to rewrite the rules of the global game

In a world where every single decision is now being judged in international courtrooms, the Trump administration is pushing for a new, more expansive definition of global “law,” with the goal of creating a legal framework that would allow for more aggressive and expensive measures.

The administration is working on an updated set of rules that would require nations to conduct international investigations, even if they’re not in violation of the rules, according to a new draft document obtained by Axios.

The draft document, which was first reported by the Washington Post, would also make it easier for countries to demand the removal of foreign officials from their governments.

The administration is reportedly trying to draft the rules ahead of a meeting of the Group of Seven nations, which is expected to be held in Japan next week.

The proposed rules come as the Trump Administration has ramped up its efforts to defend itself against accusations of interference with the election.

The White House has accused Russia of trying to interfere in the U.S. election and of helping to elect President Donald Trump, with Vice President Mike Pence saying on Sunday that there’s “no question” that Russia is behind it.

The White House on Tuesday also said that Russia was responsible for hacks that breached the Democratic National Committee, the U:S.

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and John Podesta, a Clinton aide who served as her campaign chairman during the campaign.

The U.K. government also announced on Tuesday that it was launching an investigation into Russian interference.

But the proposed new rules come with a caveat.

The rules would only apply to actions taken in the United States and would not apply to foreign countries.

“It is the position of the United Kingdom that the U;S.

has a fundamental right to pursue its own policies, to be its own voice, and to have its own agenda, but that does not entitle the U.;S.

to be the arbiter of international law, as if its laws are universally accepted,” the draft document states.”

The U.k. will not be bound by the U.’s laws on the enforcement of international norms, but it will be bound to pursue those laws as it sees fit,” it continues.

The draft also proposes that nations would be required to make sure their policies are “in conformity with the U., or with any applicable laws and regulations” of the U, which would be “to the extent practicable” subject to international law.

The proposed rules would also require the administration to review the legal framework governing all international relations.

The Trump administration has also sought to distance itself from its controversial “Muslim ban,” which President Donald J. Trump signed into law on Friday.

The policy was widely criticized, and many Americans, including Trump, are still in the dark about how it would affect them.

In the document, the administration says it would require the Department of Homeland Security to prepare “a comprehensive list of known or suspected terrorist threats against the United State.”

The document says the list would be reviewed by “an independent assessment panel to ensure that it is based on sound and credible information and to ensure its accuracy and completeness.”


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