‘We had to get a doctor’: Woman, 50, suffers from dementia due to mercury exposure

The woman who fell ill after exposure to mercury from her work has died, her daughter said.

Alfreda Alves died Sunday in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, her family said.

She was 65.

She fell ill from the mercury while working as a lab technician at a chemical plant, the family said in a statement.

Alves suffered a respiratory illness, which is a rare but potentially fatal complication of mercury poisoning, her son-in-law, Paulo Alves de Souza, said.

Alaves’ illness was first detected at the lab where she worked in 2014, and she was treated with antibiotics, the statement said.

The family is not releasing her name, but the family’s statement said that the mercury was not the first that made her ill.

They said they believed that she had been exposed to mercury before, but that it was the first time she suffered a complication.

The government is investigating the cause of Alves’ death.

It is not known how many workers were exposed to the toxin in Rio, according to the Brazilian government.

Brazil is the world’s biggest producer of mercury.

The mercury that causes Alves to have a fever, nausea and vomiting was detected at a research facility that Alves worked at, according the family statement.

The facility closed in March 2018.

The Brazilian government said it is investigating how the facility in Rio was contaminated, as well as what happened to the worker who was tested.

The country has a heavy mercury pollution problem, with an estimated 500,000 people being diagnosed with the neurotoxin each year, according a 2016 report from the World Health Organization.

In the U.S., there have been dozens of deaths linked to mercury since January, when more than 30 people died in Michigan after being exposed to a small amount of the toxin.

More: Mercury poisoning can cause irreversible brain damage.


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