How to unlock Horizon 3’s new horizon feature

New Horizon 3 features include:Turnips’ new horizon.

Turnips Horizon.

The Turnips Horizon is the world’s first horizon, which allows players to view a different horizon across a map.

Turnips said it’s an immersive and creative way to explore the world and is the first Horizon game to use this feature.

“Horizon 3 is about building an amazing world that players can explore,” Turnips chief marketing officer Mark DeLuca said.

“We are making Horizon 3 the world leader in Horizon 3-inspired experiences that will bring people together and allow them to connect.”

Turnips said Horizon 3 will launch in early 2019.

“With Horizon 3, we have reimagined the game to allow players to discover the world they have always wanted to explore,” DeLucas said.

Horizon is a third-person first-person action game that is set in a futuristic future where cars are more prevalent and roads are paved with concrete.

Turners’ Horizon is a “game-changer” that allows players the opportunity to explore a different landscape from a first- or third-perspective view.

Turns is bringing Horizon to PC, Mac, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


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