Horizon Community Bank will be closing at the end of October

Horizon Community Banking has closed its doors on October 25.

Horizon Community Credit Union has also closed its bank accounts.

The closure comes at the same time as the New Horizons Discovery Institute announced it would close its doors.

The Discovery Institute was founded by a former New Horizons scientist, Dr. Peter Hessler, who was the first to discover the existence of the Horizon spacecraft in March 1995.

Heller is currently on paid administrative leave from the New Horizon Discovery Institute.

The institute says he is leaving his position to focus on his research at his private research organization.

The institution says he will be leaving for his new research project at the University of Minnesota, but has not released a formal announcement.

Horizon Credit Union says it will continue to operate at its current level of service until the end and will not offer additional credit services.

“This is the end for Horizon Community,” said Horizon Credit Manager and Executive Director, Jim Schmitz.

“We are very sorry for the customers and staff at Horizon Credit, as well as our customers and employees across the country.

We thank them for their loyalty and support through our five-year history.

We are also excited to have returned to a new and exciting direction.”

Schmitz said Horizon is planning to reopen in the coming weeks.

“The goal is to reopen our community bank in the first week of October,” he said.

Horizon will be closed until the first of November.

In September, the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis said it was considering opening a new branch in the Twin Cities as it seeks to help its banks recover from the financial crisis.

“The Federal Reserve Board is evaluating the financial health of banks and is actively exploring ways to support them in this effort,” the bank said in a statement.

“At the same day, the Board is considering whether to open a new credit union, a branch in Minnesota, or any additional branches or financial institutions that it deems appropriate.”

The Fargo branch of Horizon CreditUnion will reopen its doors in October.

Horizon is not the only bank to close its branch in recent weeks.

Fargo Bank said in September that it would cease to operate the New Frontier branch, a facility in the Fargo neighborhood of Minneapolis.

The Fargo branch will reopen in October with the same hours and locations.


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