Deepwater Horizon Charter School is a charter school

Horizon Charter school is a new charter school that aims to bring in a diverse class of students from a diverse range of backgrounds and abilities.

The school will be operated by Horizon Charter and Horizon Education, a joint venture between Horizon and Horizon Capital.

The new school will focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects and offer a “full-scale” learning environment for students.

It will offer an intensive curriculum that will be designed around the needs of students and the students themselves, and that will include a wide range of enrichment activities for the whole school community, Horizon said.

Horizon also said that Horizon Charter would offer a rigorous learning environment.

Horizon’s charter school has a diverse student body, Horizon CEO and President Jim Tisch told TechRadars. 

He said Horizon Charter will focus specifically on a student body that is predominantly Black, Latino, and Asian, and students who are eligible to be in STEM and in STEM-related subjects, and who are academically gifted.

The charter school will also be run by Horizon Education’s parent company, Horizon Capital, and it will also have a parent board. 

“Horizon Charter School’s mission is to be the first charter school in America that is exclusively inclusive of students of all backgrounds and skill levels,” Tisch said.

“This charter school is the first of its kind in the nation.

Horizon Charter is also the first school to have a charter system in which every student can participate and be involved in the learning and learning experiences of the school.

Horizon has worked with other charter schools across the country, including in Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington D.C. Horizon will have a team of educators, staff and administrators who will be focused on providing the high quality learning experience for the students in Horizon’s school, Tisch added.

Horizon said it will offer free and reduced lunch to students of color, and a school lunch plan that provides all students with meals, snacks, and free school supplies.

Horizon and the other charter school partners will also work together on the school’s curriculum.

Horizon announced that Horizon will be the school to open its doors in 2019.

Horizon is the only charter school offering a STEM and STEM-Related certificate, Tish said. 

Horizon said that the school will offer a diverse and inclusive learning environment that includes a wide variety of enrichment and learning activities for students and teachers. 

Tisch said that in 2019, Horizon Charter Charter will have at least one non-white student enrolled in the school, with the school being able to offer additional diversity in the future. 

The school is also working to hire an additional 30 teachers, staff members, and administrators, and the school is working on a plan to build out a diversity center, Tiss said.


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