Why you should get your dental coverage in 2018

New Horizon has just launched its new line of dental care products for consumers who want to take advantage of the new year and keep their dental coverage up to date.

The new lines include the Horizon 4 and Horizon 5 dental care packages, both of which are now available on the New Horizon website.

Each new Horizon package includes two full-color and one color full-sized holographic dental guides, along with an interactive interactive guide and instructions for filling and filling-up a pre-filled prescription.

The dental guides can also be customized to your own preferences, such as a black and white color for a blue tooth, a gray for a white tooth, or a red for a green tooth.

The full-size holographic guides are available for $99.99 and include a gloss color and a holographic imprint.

Horizon’s new full-screen guide offers an interactive explanation of how to fill your prescription, and a quick guide on filling your prescription is also available for viewing.

The guides are also available with a soft touch rubber grip.

Horizons premium dental care, including the Horizon 5, includes an all-in-one oral health kit that includes an automatic oral health probe, a full set of fluoride-based whitening products, and an automated brushing tool.

The kits can be ordered for $199.99.

New Horizon also announced a new suite of premium dental products that include a special brush, which can be customized according to the color and size of the brush.

The brush can be used to whiten the teeth of a patient with a whitening whitening product, which is a type of whitening cream.

New Horizon also offers a whitener cream that can be purchased separately.

New Horizons has also launched the Horizon 6 oral health suite, which includes a whitened whitening brush and a whitest whitening kit, as well as a whiteners kit for adults.

New horizons dental care offers consumers a range of products for the new and improved year, including an all in one oral health plan, aswell as an automatic whitening treatment kit for patients that needs the most help.

NewHorizons dental plans are available now through the NewHorizons website.


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