Which school will you go to?

With the arrival of the 2018/19 school year and the end of finals, we are beginning to see the emergence of a new generation of students, and the arrival and departure of the best and the brightest.

But what about those who can’t afford to pay for university and who are still trying to find their footing?

The answer is that there are lots of good schools and universities out there.

The top 10 universities for 2018/2019 have been announced.

The average cost of a year at each of them is between $15,000 and $20,000.

There are a few notable exceptions.

The University of Queensland has an average price of $20.2 million, and is one of the most expensive institutions in Australia.

The University of Sydney has an expensive average price ($18.8 million).

The University Of Western Sydney (UW) is the most cost-effective university for those looking for a quality education in a city that is not quite as expensive as Sydney.

The cost of attending the University of Western Sydney is $13,000 per year.

The cost of getting an undergraduate degree at the University Of Queensland is $18,000, or $16,400 in the New South Wales capital.

The UQ’s average tuition fee of $16.5, or just under $13 a week, is just $1,400 below the average costs at the top 10 university.UQ is the third most expensive university in Australia for those wanting a quality university education, behind only the University OF Queensland and the University for Indigenous Studies (UNSW).UQ has an Average tuition fee ($17,300) of $14,400, or almost $10,000 below the UNSW average.

The UNSW’s average price for the year is $15.3 million, or around $15 million above the average for the top ten universities.

The average cost for a year of a full-time degree at University of NSW is $21,100.

The annual fee is $14.50, or roughly $7,000 more than the average cost at the 10 most expensive universities.


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